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Water Gourd Workshop and Concert for Families!

In this workshop we will discover the deep vibrations of this ancestral african instrument called the “Tina” (Guinea Bissau) or the “Gi Dounun” (Mali).

This is the women’s drum!  In the old times, the women of the community would go to the rivers and water wells to collect water for the whole community.  It was through this process that over the course of time, this instrument was developed and first used at the waters edges, to sing and and call in the spirit while the women were working!

Through rhythmical games, we will discover the deep vibration that these drums carry, we will learn some tradition african rhythms, and we will learn and sing some of the traditional african songs in a big family water gourd circle.  

This workshop is especially for families, mothers, fathers, children, babies, pregnant women, and everyone else who is interested!  We are ALL invited to to this ancestral water gourd circle in the spirit of the family of humanity!

Cost: $20  (Children up to age 12 attend for free) 

Didac Ruiz

Didac Ruiz is a multi-instrumentist specialized in percussion. He studied at the School of Modern Music and Jazz of Avinyo, Barcelona, Spain, graduating in 1998. Always searching for new learnings he travelled to Morocco to get in touch with gnawa sounds and assisted to an intensive course thru the south of the country, Essaouira and Ouarzazzate with the renown Mahamoud Gania. Also participated as a member of the german band Embryo between 2000 and 2002, pioneers of experimental ethnic music and very well known  for their trips and recordings. Up until 2004 he travelled many times to Senegal and Mali to study with different masters of african music such as: Mamadou Kane, Elder  Djembefola, Bakary Ole Diedhiou, Djola, master of bugarabous, Lassine (djely ngoni), Abdulaye badji, djola, maestro of kalancogn, mouth harp. Didac has edited 2 records of his original compositions and arrangements as well as collaborating in many recordings of international productions and reknown bands and musicians such as: Tara, Coetus, Silvia Perez Cruz, Rosalia Mowgli, La Cabra Mecánica y Los Galindos (Spain), Raskan (Africa-India), Neyla Benbey (Argelia), Betty Akna (Guinea Ecuatorial) Embryo (Germany) Poets of Rhythm (Germany) Paneibianco(Cuba) Lady Ny Soubugen (Japan) Big Mama, Sidonie, Ngewel, Djarama (Senegal).