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Mayan Cosmology Astrology Talk & Concert with Tata Pedro Cruz

  • Golden Drum 97 Green Street Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

“Tata Pedro” as he is most affectionately known, is a traditional Mayan Ajq’ij and Day Keeper, and one of the principal authorities of the Council of Mayan Elders of Lake Atitlan in Guatamala. He received the title, “Heart of the Lake Atitlan” K’U’XYA, by his fellow Mayan Council of Elders and Tz’utujil people.

His teachings include Mayan culture, cosmology, the sacred calendars, and the ancient oral wisdom of the Maya. 

Tata Pedro will be sharing wisdom about Mayan Cosmology and Astrology in this special event on Wednesday evening at Golden Drum. The workshop/talk will include a concert of his original songs and indigenous Mayan music. Tata Pedro Cruz is here in New York from Guatemala for a short time and this evening will be a great opportunity to connect with an elder and wisdom carrier of this very beautiful tradition.

The Mayan sacred calendar, known most commonly as the Tzolkin in Mexico’s Yucatan and Cholq’ij in Guatemala is the heart and soul of the Mayan calendar system of twenty calendars.The Maya possessed an extraordinary interest in time and its intricate intermeshing with interdependent temporal cycles. Time was a way of being to the ancient Maya, giving their world a foundation from which life could prosper and the spirit could synchronize with the cosmos. The Maya are known to be the most sophisticated time keepers in human history, and to this day Mayan Daykeepers track time to assure abundance, direction and security.

Cost: $15-25 suggested donation (no one will be turned away for lack of funds.) 

Tata Pedro Cruz

Tata Pedro is one of the founders of the Unification of Ancestral Wisdom festival in Tikal, Guatemala. These festivals have brought together the fragmented Mayan descended tribes throughout Guatemala to promote the oral traditions, rituals and culture of the ancient Mayans and to share this wisdom with the world. He has expanded the festival by including ancestral wisdom from other cultures around the world. Tata Pedro recognizes the interconnectedness of all people, the expanding consciousness of the planet, and the urgent need to unify our spiritual, cultural and ethnic wisdom for the benefit of the planet and humanity. He is known for his phrase, “No matter what happens, everything with love!

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