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Himalayan Serpent Energy: An Experiential Transmission of Non-Duality

  • Golden Drum 97 Green Street, G1 Brooklyn, NY 11222 USA (map)

Kundalini is the serpent energy coiled at the base of the spine – the dormant potential within each of us to reorder our relationship with self, other and the world.  This workshop will focus on strategies from the Kashmiri Shaivite tradition – a tradition largely unknown among global communities of seekers – for accessing and elevating our innate Kundalini energy.  We will explore physical, meditative and pranayama practices that can be integrated into our contemporary urban existence, as well as philosophical stances for life in our age.

This Valentine’s Day transmission will be bathed in love and designed to dissolve polarities and integrate our Shiva and Shakti aspects.  We welcome you to bring a loved one or to come with a commitment to your individual experience of the divine.

Cost: $40

Luisa Harsevak Kaur has advanced certification in a variety of yoga traditions, including Kundalini, Ashtanga and Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga.  She teaches Kundalini yoga and meditation, leads sacred circles in conjunction with a healing and counseling practice, and will be leading a yoga retreat to India in March 2016. 

Rishi Zutshi was raised in the Kashmiri Shaivite tradition and has been an avid spiritual explorer for the past three decades.

Luisa and Rishi have enjoyed nearly twenty years of collaboration, spiritual growth and shared adventures.