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Yoga Psychology 101: Transformation of One’s Inner Power and Resources

  • Golden Drum 97 Green Street, G1 Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

In this monthly workshop, you will learn how to transform the insecurities and fear that undermine your confidence into the clarity, direction and purpose that empowers you to experience the personal fulfillment you desire.  

You will discover how to use meditation, self-reflection and yogic breathing practices to achieve a higher level of awareness. You will learn how to accelerate a consciousness breakthrough that will transform you in unexpected and highly beneficial ways as you experience the life-changing power of meditation, self-reflection and yogic breathing. 

Far more than the exercise classes that are well known to the western world, the ancient psychology of Yoga is a complete path for self-knowledge, awakening and life mastery. Yogic methods are highly effective and potent, and the power to change lies in your own hands. You will learn:

  • The purpose of Yoga Psychology

  • How Yoga leads to a unified mental state and the benefits of that state

  • Pranayama

  • Mantra meditation

  • Mental Discrimination

  • Transformational practices 

"The aim of the yoga is to open the consciousness to the Divine, and to live in the inner consciousness more and more, while acting from it in external life. Its purpose is to bring the inmost psychic (nature) into the front, and by the power of the psychic, to purify and change the being so that it may become ready for transformation, and be in union with the Divine Knowledge, Will and Love." ~ Sri Aurobindo, The Divine Plan

PRESENTER BIO: Wendell Jones, CPC, CYTT. Wendell is a certified Nishpatti Yoga teacher and certified professional coach. During a particularly difficult time in his life, he learned of the path of Yoga and applied it to transform his turmoil into victory. Since his personal awakening, he has pursued knowledge and mastery of the yogic path and is now living his purpose, as a mentor coach, sharing this transformative knowledge with others.

Wendell received a BA in Vedic Studies from Maharishi University. He is dedicated to giving you the opportunity to experience higher states of consciousness and become empowered as a master of your life. Wendell believes in the power of meditation to bring resolution to all of life’s challenges. His approach to working with others includes the use of potent spiritual tools that help you connect to and synthesize deeper insights about your life and world. He teaches the traditions of yoga to strengthen your body and give you an integral understanding of the subtle connections between mind, body and soul. His goal is to support you to increase your personal awareness and show you how to integrate this wisdom to develop spiritually and realize your dreams.