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An Exhibition & Evening Lecture with Ceremonial Artist: Patrick Scott

  • Sacred Arts Research Foundation 107 Green Street Apt G55 Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

It is a great honor for the Sacred Arts Research Foundation, M.A.I.S.C. and Golden Drum Community to host an exhibition & lecture with world re-known sacred artisan and ceremonial leader, Patrick Scott. Patrick Scott will have his ceremonial prayer fans, beadwork and rattles on display and will offer a lecture on the ceremonial use of sacred tools from the Dine tradition. Patrick will speak about his process creating sacred art, as well as the ceremonial use and purpose of prayer fans from his tradition.
The mission of our centers is to preserve the sacred traditions of humanity through educational programs, deep study and practice. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this special opportunity to learn from an Elder of the Bitterwater Clan and Dine tradition. 

Doors Open at 6:00pm
Lecture at 7:00 pm
Closing at 9:30 pm

$10 Minimum Sliding Scale Donation (collected at the door)

Learn about Patrick Scott: 
Born in Tuba City, AZ in 1966 and raised in White Mesa (between Tonalea and Kaibeto, AZ), Patrick Scott is of the Bitterwater Clan, born for the Manygoats Clan. Patrick began making fans while he was still in high school. Upon graduating from NAU in 1995, he decided to pursue his art full-time. Prior to that, his amazing talent and beautiful creations were well-known only to family and close friends. It didn’t take long for his art to become world renowned. Today, his creations can be found in permanent collections of major museums such as: the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, OK, the “Smithsonian Museum:” - Museum of the American Indian in New York City and Washington, D. C., as well as galleries and private collections that span the globe. He also makes ceremonial prayer fans used in many Native American ceremonies and rituals, and fans used in Pow-wows. His gourd rattles, staff sets and drumsticks are valued by the Native American community for use in their own tribal ceremonies, healing rituals and other religious purposes.
The prayer and blessing aspect of his art is very close to Patrick’s heart. Knowing that his fans may be used to help those experiencing difficulties in life, emotional or physical illness drives Patrick to fashion his creations with the utmost care, attention to detail and with the wisdom of his ancestors. Native Americans use his creations to communicate with the spirits of the four directions, Mother Earth and Father Sky to call upon their blessings, energy and wisdom in times of hardship, as well as in times of good fortune and blessing. Each component of his fans has special meaning and purpose, and therefore the raw materials are chosen with care and purpose.
It has taken Patrick many years and dedicated effort and work to refine his art and distinguish himself as arguably one of the best fan makers to be found anywhere. His art has taken him far from home, and yet constantly keeps him tied to his people, his traditions, his homeland and his culture. Owning a feather fan made by Patrick is an honor, and he brings dignity, respect and tradition to his craft – something that is becoming harder and harder to find.

Find out More about Patrick and his work.