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A W A K E: Mindfulness Meditation Journey - Week 3

  • Golden Drum 97 Green Street, G1 Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

Join Nicole Adriana Casanova for a 4-week series, every Monday evening from October 29 - November 19 for AWAKE: Mindfulness Meditation Journey.

Mindfulness Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Studies show that it takes 30-40 days for us to develop new habits. This process is known as neuro-programming and works through repetition. Just like our body requires that we get to the mat, to the gym, or out to nature several times a week in order to achieve peak conditioning, the mind benefits from focus and commitment on the journey to neuroplasticity.

Mindfulness has also been shown to have a positive impact on our health, elevate our sense of well being, belonging and centeredness, increase memory function, and improve our quality of sleep amongst other things. Shamanic Mindfulness integrates an awareness of the external world as a mirror for our internal conditioning. Inviting us to pierce through collective belief systems as we reprogram our brain from a place of self-limiting identification to equanimity.

In this 4-week program, we invite you to journey within through mindfulness. Each week we will engage sacred science, ancient wisdom, breath work, sound, and mindfulness meditation to empower your path to equanimity. This group will also have a private facebook group for questions, comments, and weekly divination.

Week 1: Quieting Down Today. you begin a four-week journey into a lifelong practice: Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the quality of awareness you apply to your life. Not simply to pay attention when it’s important, but also when things get tricky, mundane, or chaotic… also included in mindfulness is the quality of attention you bring to each of your moments. Today you’ll have an opportunity to begin this inner journey by exploring the connection between your mind and your breath.

Week 2: From Autopilot to Awareness. In this session, you’ll focus on becoming more aware of when and where you switch into autopilot. Many people walk through life on autopilot, potentially missing powerful opportunities to connect, become inspired, or experience the beauty of life. Through breath awareness and watching your thoughts, you’ll begin to observe what triggers you into lack of presence.

Week 3: Compassionate Observer. Last week you used your breath as an anchor to begin observing your thoughts. You began to identify patterns of where & why you check out. This week you revisit the observer mentality and using compassionate awareness, challenge yourself to understand your how. Knowing how your mind reacts to certain thoughts or feelings, can you use mindfulness to meet your triggers differently.

Week 4: Mindful Self Care. A mindfulness practice can help you identify mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns. Through compassion, mindfulness lets you to stay in the conversation gently. To stay present. In this session, you’ll use your compassionate awareness to care after the garden of your mind. Intentionally choosing which thoughts are beneficial and which no longer serve you as you use mindfulness to reprogram the way you use your mind.

Exchange: $100 for full program, $30 for drop-in.

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Nicole Adriana Casanova is a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino, a Taino elder who founded Golden Drum cultural center in Brooklyn, New York. Nicole is a writer, poet, and storyteller, a 200 RYT Yoga Alliance certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, a certified Reiki Master in the Usui and Karuna Reiki Riojo, a Shamanic Practitioner, a Human Movement teacher, and Magical Awakening Practitioner. Nicole blends decades of expertise in the wellness and holistic field to create one-of-a-kind empowerment experiences in groups as well as one-on-one settings. As a Soul Architect, Nicole bridges practices and teachings from various wisdom traditions around the world, with intuitive knowledge and practical know-how to create one-of-a-kind blueprints of empowerment, healing, and remembrance.

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