Sivananda Hatha Yoga
Thursdays 2pm
Saturdays 2pm

What's your sign?
Taurus/Gemini cusp

Why practice yoga?
I practice yoga because it makes me feel as though there is more than just me. It's my connection to feeling Gods presence. My favorite part of yoga is Ahimsa (non-violence) and through practicing this one part of many parts, I've found love and ways of loving I never thought possible. 

What to expect in your class? 
Expect to feel calm, relaxed and supported. You will begin to understand why you're doing each asana (posture); each Asana does something for the mind and soul not just the body. Also expect to further your practice as week by week we will dive deeper and deeper into the 5 points of yoga as well as into yourselves. 

Do you have a Guru?
I have felt Sri Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevanadas presence in my practice and as I teach I feel they are with me guiding me to pass on their teachings in class.

Tips for beginners?
Remember that everyone had to start from the very beginning and didn't start out doing head stands or full splits.  Don't cap yourself off by looking around you and comparing yourself to others. Yoga is about YOU so focus on being gentle with yourself and own it! 

Life changing yoga moment? 
The day I decided I was going to do my teachers training course I took a yoga class and set an intention to decide where I was going to go: India or Bahamas. I kept the intention in mind my whole entire class with every inhale and exhale. When I went to my car there was a shiny penny on my drivers seat from Bahamas. I went to the Bahamas teachers training course and from then on my whole entire life has changed for the good. I believed in the power of thought and the power of yoga. 

Who would you be without yoga?
I would be a lost soul without yoga. Since I found it, I've not only found myself but many other beautiful soul sisters and brothers along the way and I can't begin to imagine life without them. 


  • Sivananda yoga 200 rys
  • And a lot of self study :) 
  • BA in comparative literature