Taran Inder Kaur/ Christina Cáceres

Yoga Director

Christine “Taran Inder Kaur” Cáceres is the yoga director and a yoga teacher of Golden Drum. She is the former yoga director and yoga teacher of the Body Actualized. She now teaches throughout the week in Bushwick at her home studio Daya Yoga Studio and at Otion Front Studio a dance, yoga and performance art space.

She is a vinyasa and kundalini yoga teacher and a graduate of the Yoga to the People NYC a Yoga Alliance Certified School with a 200hr teaching certificate and also a 200hr Level One IKTYA certified kundalini teacher. She completed her kundalini teacher training at Kundalini Yoga East NYC. She studied with Sat Jivan Kaur, Sat Jivan Singh, and Angad with the guidance of the omnipresent Yogi Bhajan. She also runs her own kundalini and vinyasa yoga retreat business along with her beloved and teacher Kiret Singh called Renew the New You and an orgonite, crystals, esoteric business called Nu Atlantis.

She is a mother, singer, songwriter, artist, yogini and dancer.

Kundalini yoga came into her life during her first yogic training, where she realized the need to connect to the mother of all yoga to deepen her own spiritual awareness, and knowledge. She is happy to share this beautiful practice as taught by Yogi Bhajan and honored to a part of the Golden Chain in this lifetime.

Christine's vinyasa class incorporates meditation, mantra, and devotion and draws influence from Krishnamacharya's hatha/vinyasa krama style. Her classes focus on breath control (pranayama), the connectedness to breath and movement, a moving meditation as you flow and move through your asana which include standing, inversions, balancing and restorative poses.

Om Namah Shivay
Om Sri Chakra Vasinyai Namaha, Om Sri Lalitambikayai Namaha
Om and Salutations to she who provides abundance