Dhanjeet Kaur/Jennifer Ceballos

Classes - Prenatal Kundalini Yoga - Wednesdays @ 5pm

Whats your sign?  
I am a Leo Sun on the cusp of Virgo. I have a lot of fire and earth throughout my chart.  My moon is in Aires and My ascendant is Virgo.

Why Practice Yoga? 
If I don't practice yoga everyday I feel unbalanced. Its apart of who I am. Its my daily routine.

Why Teach yoga?
Being of service is my lifes purpose. As a healer I'm driven by teaching and offering support to those that our seeking it. Assisting Pregnant mothers is my passion. I get the chills just thinking about it.

What to expect in your class? 
Openess, LOVE, laughter, community a good workout for the physical body as well as the spiritual. A safe place to just release, relax and connect

Do you have a Guru?
Yes! My teacher is Maestro Manuel Rufino I have been studying with him for 5 years and my yoga teacher is Gurumurkh. My son is also my teacher.. I learn and grow every single day through my experiences being his mother.

Tips for beginners? 
Trust your body. Don't over do yourself. Theres no rush. Don't compare yourself to others. Have fun. Breath is everything. 

Life changing yoga moment? 
I went through a really difficult break up about 7 years ago and had no way of releasing the pain I was feeling. I did yoga but never daily. A friend of mine invited me to a Vinyasa Yoga class and I committed to a 30 day practice.. I never looked back it transformed my life and I believe it lead me on the spiritual path.

The "craziest/wildest/ most far out"  thing you've ever done yet? 
I was in 17 hours of hard labor and gave birth to my son naturally. lol it was pretty wild and crazy.

Who would you be without yoga? 
A very unbalanced angry woman.

Trainings Certifications

  • Yoga alliance Khalsa Way Pregnancy Yoga
  • Certified Astrologer through nightlife astrology
  • Currently working on my doula certification