Dharam Dhyan Kaur/Laura Krassner

Classes - Kundalini Yoga - Tuesdays @ 7pm

Whats your sign? 
Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon, Sag Rising

Why Practice Yoga? 
Practice yoga because it creates a foundation for life. It creates a knowingness of infinity that supports you on your journey towards a greater awareness of the true self, which is infinite and one with God.

Why Teach yoga? 
To share the life changing technologies that were given to us. It is a way to say thank you and express gratitude and be in service. Yogi Bhajan said that he came to create teachers, not to gather students. 

What to expect in your class? 
An emphasis on discovering the sensations in your body as you turn inwards and remember that your birthright is to be happy, healthy and holy. Sometimes class will be physically or mentally challenging, but once you realize what you are capable of, nothing will ever look the same.

Tips for beginners? 
We are all beginners but for those that focus more so on this, remember that we all had to take our first class once. Come with an open mind and open heart and you will always be welcome.

Life changing yoga moment? 
The first time I did the Bowing Jaap Sahib meditation and disconnected completely from my body. Time stopped and all pain, discomfort and thoughts ceased. 

The "craziest/wildest/ most far out" thing you've ever done yet? 
Going to India to study yoga instead of going back to work on Wall Street.

Who would you be without yoga? 
I would be some version of myself, but probably less aware, less awake, less conscious and less happy.

Trainings Certifications: 220-RYT; 
KRI Level 1 Rishikesh, India with Golden Bridge Yoga
Level 2 Authentic Relationships with Shiv Charan Singh
Level 3 (Part 1 and 2), 21 Stages of Meditation with Shiv Charan Singh.