Ganga Dhara

Sivananda Yoga
Wednesdays 3-4:30pm

Whats your sign? 
Libra, but I'm learning about all the other Vedic astrological extensions birthdays have to offer. 

Why Practice Yoga? 
The main reason why I practice yoga is the will to heal yourself mentally physically and spiritually all in one practice .. All of the holistic benefits that prevents any diseases to surface by putting in practice are the main principles of Yoga : proper diet  "raw vegan" , exercise "asanas" , breathing "pranayama" , relaxation "savasana",  and thinking "meditation and positive thoughts”. 

Why Teach Yoga?  
The benefits I've received from implementing Yoga daily into my life has transformed how I perceive our reality. I want to share this with anyone who is willing to take this path of healing as part of their daily lives. 

What to expect in your class? 
Nothing and everything. 

Do you have a Guru? 
Physically no but astrally many. 

Tips for beginners? 
Don't judge yourself during practice and have lots of fun

Life changing yoga moment? 
Transition from kakasana into tripod headstand into the classical headstand then into scorpion aligning myself back into headstand then finally resting into child's pose

The "craziest/wildest/ most far out"  thing you've ever done yet? ......... Lol

Who would you be without yoga? 
Very ignorant human being that isn't mindful of what I put into my body, mind and spirit. 

Trainings Certifications: 

Sivananda Yoga Teacher and Reiki Level 1