Jeff Hinshaw

Chakra Flow Yoga
Saturdays 1pm

Whats your sign?
Aquarius (sun) Virgo (moon)

Why Practice Yoga?
The practice of yoga is a lifelong practice of awareness. Yoga slows me down and opens my eyes to the connection of mind-body-spirit and to everything in existence.

Why Teach yoga?
I teach yoga because it's been such a gift to my life. I have no other choice.  I am so grateful and honored to live in a time when we are able to connect and share.

What to expect in your class?
Expect to slow-down and really listen.

Do you have a Guru?
Not at the moment, no. 

Tips for beginners?
It's not about the body, it's about the breath.

Life changing yoga moment?
Wow! There have been so many! When I broke my toe in Nicaragua and had to rely on my meditation and pranyama practice for a few months, this really changed the game.

The "craziest/wildest/ most far out" thing you've ever done yet?
Too crazy to mention, but I will say it involved being naked in the woods.

Who would you be without yoga?
It's not, "who would I be?" (my essence would be the same), but rather, "what would I be doing?"  I'd still be searching.  With yoga, the searching subsides.  What seems to be lost, is already found. It's that deep connection within the self.

Trainings Certifications: 

Greenhouse Holistic

Psychology of the Chakra System

Chakra Therapy          
Wilmington Yoga Center               

200 hr       2014

100 hr       2013

100 hr       2013

200 hr       2011