Kristen Volpone

Candle light Yin Yoga
Sundays 6:30pm

Whats your sign?
I’m a Cap with a Sag rising! And my moon is in Gemini!

Why Practice Yoga?
I practice yoga for health, balance and inner peace in my Heart, body, mind, and Spirit. Yoga for me is an exercise of unifying these things. Practicing Yoga opens the door to mindfulness and compassion on a variety of different levels. This awareness seeps into our consciousness of Being. Through the lens of Yoga I have deepened my relationship with the divine that exists within us and the divine that is all around us. Yoga reminds us of our breath; the sacred breath of life that we were blessed to experience on our earth.

Why Teach yoga?
-To share wisdom that we all have access to.
-To expand Love and the power of the Heart.
-To remind others of a gentle, quiet power within.

What to expect in your class? 
-To be still.
-To confront an edge.
-To be reminded of something (not necessarily from me, but from the practice).
-To connect with the earth.
-To create space in the body and mind.
-To connect with the heart.

Do you have a Guru?
-Source/ The divine
-My mother and father
-Our Earth. Nature. Rain.
-Smiles and Laughter.
-The Heart/ LOVE

Tips for beginners? 
Breathe. Be compassionate with yourself. Let your heart be a lens to see through.

Life changing yoga moment?
There are many of these. They are always happening. Each moment is significant, unique, and life changing. Each moment is a moment where I face myself in all my many facets of Being. No moment is more life changing than any other. Each moment is a part of my dance and has a significant place in the family of things.

The "craziest/wildest/ most far out" thing you've ever done yet?
A 3 month road trip through the United States!

Who would you be without yoga? 
I would be me! I would still be “Kristen”- in this body, of this Heart, and with these eyes. I would just be in a different place, in a different experience, and possibly on a different path. But, I am a Lover and an explorer of consciousness…so maybe I would just have a different way of getting to where I am now… I would probably be writing lots of deep poetry.

Trainings Certifications: 

200hrs oftraining in Hatha/ Vinyasa with Sonic Yoga in 2014.
150hrs of training with Biff Mithoefer in Yin Yoga at Omega Institute. Since my trainings in Yin Yoga I have assisted 2 trainings with Biff.