Laughter Yoga

Last Tuesday of Every Month 8pm

Laughter Yoga is a global movement for health, happiness and world peace. We will induce laughter while doing a series of easy and fun standing yogic exercises, and end with Nidra Yoga, a relaxation technique. Laughter, combined with clapping and gentle movements and breathing, oxygenates the body, reduces stress and induces a cheerful mood.

Dr. Kataria, pioneer of the Laughter Yoga movement, discovered that linking the mind-body-soul in an integrated manner through yogic breathing and other yogic exercises could heal the souls of the people he laughed with. Laughter Yoga improves the immune system and can repair ailments like depression, allergies, asthma, backaches, hypertension, lethargy, migraines and menstrual disorders.

Its good to consult a medical practitioner if you have: high blood pressure; heart disease / history of heart attacks; hernia; advanced piles (hemorrhoids); recent major surgery; uterovaginal prolapse; advanced pregnancy; glaucoma or eye disorders pertaining to bleeding. Children are welcome. Participants can sit or stand. Street clothes are ok, as long as they're not too tight. 

$5 suggested donation

Lisa Stuhr

This Laughter Yoga Club is lead by local Laugher Yoga leaders, and organized by Lisa Stuhr who was trained by Master Trainer, Vishwa Prakash