Jeanette Keiser

Vinyasa Yoga
Saturdays 2pm

Whats your sign? 

Why Practice Yoga?  
For peace of mind

Why Teach yoga?
To help others find peace of mind

What to expect in your class?
An oasis to embrace the true self by movement and deep breath that syncs you with the only thing that exists, the present moment. Soul stretching, prana pumping, and at the end you'll feel lighter. 

Do you have a Guru? 
Every person I meet is my guru. 

Tips for beginners? 
Just create that safe space by listening to the body and release the issues from the tissues. 

Life changing yoga moment?
I can't seem to remember one particular moment. There were so many moments and they keep coming.  it seems to me that every time I'm on my mat I find out something about my body and belief system that completely shifts my consciousness which I call a life changing experience. It's a never ending process that I'm very grateful for.

The "craziest/wildest/ most far out"  thing you've ever done yet?
To move to America after I served the Israeli army for two years both of these experiences were pretty bold. 

Who would you be without yoga?
That is such an awesome question! It made me clinch. Gosh! I can't even imagine who and where I would be without yoga.
I would've not know the power within me. I'll continue seeking for something out side of me not knowing everything that I'm looking for is actually inside me and that is love love love.

Trainings Certifications:
250 hr yoga teacher training at the Anamaya Yoga Retreat location - Costa Rica -2012
500 hr teacher training at the Dharma Yoga Center location - Manhattan - 2014