Golden Drum is the educational program of the non-profit M.A.I.S.C, and is dedicated to serving the community by focusing on sharing Amerikua Wisdom (Amerikua is a Mayan word meaning “Land of the Winds” - the original name given by the original people of the continent we now call America), and supports all native traditions of the world.  The program offers classes, workshops, musical performances and events with the purpose of bridging cultures, sharing knowledge, promoting peace and bringing people back to nature.


Around 2009 Maestro Manuel Rufino had a group of students that came together regularly to study the sacred traditions of the world.  With no space of their own, they would rent out yoga studios or meet in each other's apartments.  Maestro Manuel made the recommendation that it would be beneficial for the group to join together and create a space of our own.  
In October 2010 several students came together to begin the process of finding a community space.  In November 2010, some students moved into Golden Drum in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  The group came together and renovated the space using donated and recycled materials.  Within a year the community had an events space and acquired the apartments above and adjacent to the original studio.  Since its official opening in February of 2011, Golden Drum has invited shamans, sound healers, monks, local and international musicians, Native American elders, vegetarian chefs, film makers, artists, dancers, healers, and teachers from many traditions to come and share their gifts.

In November of 2012, the community came together to expand the mission of Golden Drum by creating the Heart & Mind Festival at the Church of Saint Paul and Saint Andrew in Manhattan.  Over 500 people came together to pray for the spirit of New York after the devastation after hurricane Sandy.   We invited elders from many traditions to come and share their wisdom and stories of healing. The event has become a yearly festival and has been replicated in Poland as well.  http://heartandmindnyc.com

The community continued to grow in March of 2014 which marked the opening of Golden Drum's sister center The Ark, a space created to preserve and share sacred art traditions from around the world.  They offer a range of classes that include dance, beading, fan making, drum making, concerts, and didgeridoo workshops.  

In August of 2014, the community opened Jungle Cafe.  It had become obvious to the members of Golden Drum that there was a serious lack of vegetarian options in the neighborhood.  At the recommendation of Maestro Manuel, members of Golden Drum decided to create a vegetarian restaurant that was inspired by world cuisine.  The restaurant offers a variety raw, vegetarian, and vegan options and continues to be a beacon of healthy eating in Brooklyn.  http://junglecafenyc.com.

Golden Drum is collaborating with several communities who are creating a community center outside New York City.  The vision is to create a place where people can cohabitate with nature, practice yoga and meditation, grow organic food and offer activities to bring people back to nature.