Drum Spiral with Mateo

Throughout time and in many cultures, the drum is a sacred instrument used to connect us to the Spirit world, the inner self, and the world around us. The drum has a special ability to deeply touch the inner prayer inside each individual’s heart.

We invite everyone to join us and experience traditions from around the world, sharing their sacred drum inheritance. Through the beats, participants will be guided through a journey of the heart, spiraling vibrations of love deep into the earth and high into the heart of the universe. Please bring your open heart and open mind so the rhythms can plant good seeds into your life. We will learn drum techniques that will help us travel more freely through soundscapes. Some drums will be available.

PLEASE BRING A DRUM WITH YOU IF YOU HAVE ONE (djembe, conga, all kinds of drums are welcome).

Suggested donation: $15-$20

Mateo Bazgier is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer. Under the guidance of Maestro Manuel Rufino and Elders of many traditions, he studies the use of sacred music in many forms. “I understand sound and music as a tool to create energy, transform, heal and communicate with the higher planes. I am particularly interested in combining styles and musical worlds to discover new musical grounds. Music is my way of service to the world.”

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