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Episode 2 - The Sacred Family

In this episode, “The Sacred Family,” we explore one of the great teachings of our tradition, that the family is the foundation of spiritual work. Featuring wisdom teachings from Maestro Manuel Rufino and Reverend Maribel Michan, this episode seeks to answer the questions of "How can we improve our family relationships?" and "What is the significance of the family from a spiritual perspective?” 

"The Sacred Family" cites teachings delivered by Sat Guru Dr. Serge Raynaud de La Ferriere, the Messenger of the Aquarian Age, and features music from Dream Seed, Golden Drum's Shamanic Sound Journey ensemble. 

Maestro Manuel Rufino and Reverend Maribel Michan have devoted their lives to the teachings of Sat Guru Dr. Serge Raynaud de La Ferriere and to aiding in the evolution of human consciousness.

Art Work By Alex Grey -

Art Work By Alex Grey -