Introduction to Khalsa Way ( Prenatal Kundalini Yoga ) with Dhanjeet Kaur

  • Golden Drum 97 Green Street Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States

Yoga during pregnancy has to be different then "regular" yoga, for the safety and health of the mother and baby. A woman's body is undergoing constant profound changes through out her pregnancy. The Khalsa Way classes provide exercises that can be modified for any phase of pregnancy. A mother can relax in a prenatal yoga class knowing that the material presented is especially designed to accommodate her ever changing beautiful body and to encourage her baby's health. These classes give mothers a chance to talk, share feelings, dance, rejoice, relax, stretch and find community! 

In this 2 hour introductory workshop we will explore in depth the fundamental principals of Khlasa Way Yoga. 

• Go deep into the exploration of the postures with one on one instruction and guidance! 

• Experience a combination of active meditations designed to RELEASE FEAR and guide mothers towards an empowered connection with their babies.

• Enjoy a soothing sound meditation / sound bath leaving us restored and rejuvenated! 

Mothers to be can expect a lavender essential oil foot rub and allot of encouragement to continue to deepen their relationship to their ever changing bodies during this precious time in their lives. 

Cost: $25