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Cultural Reprogramming and Boundary Dissolution & Gong Bath with Taranjot / Jarrod Mayer

  • Golden Drum 97 Green St Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

Join us for an afternoon to reprogram ourselves from the conditioning of our cultural and self restricted lives. What we think, what we do, is often a result of the system we are part of. To gain the control and to be conscious of the self brings us to understand the boundaries that have been created within our minds. Like walls, we seek to break down that which holds us in. When we experience that which is infinite, we recognize the walls that were created by us, are an illusion.

In this workshop we will align with our infinite self, the self that cannot be contained in any capacity. Asking the question, “who am I?” We will experience the answer of “I am, I am.” We will be able to definitively understand who we are as infinite and our role in physical world.

We will indulge ourselves in a Kundalini Kriya to align with our infinity, leaving behind maya and the liaison of ego. With a mantra based meditation we will open to ourselves infinite possibility and shed the veil of illusion. After, we will immerse ourselves in a one hour gong bath to seal this reinvigorated sense self actualization through sound.

Cost: $25

Taranjot / Jarrod Mayer

Kundalini is the force that drives my music, art, and my life. Within it I have the ability to stay within the creative field and manifest my future. I understand I am more than a body and mind. I am the breathe and the light of the universe. I am the essence of the life. I am a conduit of the pure creative energy in which my experiences are projected into my art.

Taranjot / Jarrod Mayer is a certified KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor.