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Dantian Drum Qigong (4 part series)

Come practice Jing Drum Qigong Saturday mornings at 10:00 in Greenpoint Brooklyn. The jing drum is largest energy (qi/ chi) reservoir in our body, and essential to understanding the art of qigong, which originates in China. 

Theory, warmups, stationary movements and postures with attention to rooting, breathe, alignment and the waist will be covered. By doing qigong we gently strengthen our physical body, energy body, focus, and learn about sensing bio-energy: also known as chi, ki (as in reiki), mana, pana, and/or prana. 

This course provides you with a basic skill set in Dantian Drum Qigong, with instruction in the jing drum component of gigong. Weekly classes graduate your ability, and it is suggested participants register for the entire series (we will not do extensive reviews in each class). 

All are welcome: newbies and experienced participants of any physical culture style or energy medicine. Dress comfortably in non-constricting clothes. Bare feet, socks, slippers or studio shoes only (no footwear that has been used outside please). 

This is a 4 part series, dates below:

Saturday, November 12, 2016
Saturday, November 19, 2016
Saturday, December 3, 2016
Saturday, December 10, 2016
10:00am - 11:15am

Cost: Pre-registration for series @ $75.00 ends on 11/11/16.

Course is $100 after @ $25 per class. 

Teacher Bio

Inoshi Denizen is an Energy Wellness Practitioner, Perceptual Guide, and founder of Open Tai Chi and Unu, an East-West informed pan-cultural wellness community based in NYC of which he is the principal instructor. His credentials include multiple modalities, which he has combined into distinctive practice areas, providing safe, sensitive energy wellness therapy and guidance to numerous clients.

Inoshi appreciates and rests in a sense and sensibility of a free soul. He teaches from a place of refined creativity and encourages people to be open and adaptable, and to release their "isms".

He recognizes many teachers: from individuals, to life itself and what comprises it, atmospheres, cultures, energies, contexts, situations, entities, and other nodes of existence. Everything conceivable, and not, allows itself as a sharing point to our experience and understanding.

Many of his animate teachers have likewise been free souls who crossed paths and imparted their aesthetic, artistry, skill, resonance and vibration. Bohemian ~ Zen in nature, Inoshi suggests that any investigation into discipline must inevitably lead to play and interdependent freedom (instead of isolative freedom and restriction).

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