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SOLD OUT - Dream Seed: A Shamanic Sound Journey and Documentary Filming

  • Golden Drum 97 Green Street Apt G1 Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

Be a part of a documentary experience. Dream Seed is partnering with filmmaker Mark Robertson of One Vision Productions to document the power of sound. Join us for a unique small group (maximum 20 participants) Dream Seed that will be charged with the energy of sharing this work with the world. 

Dream Seed is a sound healing ensemble created by members of Golden Drum, Sacred Arts Research Foundation, Pink Sun and Didge Project. Shamanic chanting, mantras, overtone singing, Native American songs, indigenous music, didgeridoos, crystal singing bowls, bells, gongs, harmoniums, tuning forks and other overtone-emitting instruments are used to create an environment conducive to deep relaxation and inward investigation. 

*By attending this event you are giving your permission to be filmed. 

Participants are led through guided meditations and sound healing practices designed to harmonize body, mind and spirit. Some blankets and yoga mats will be provided but we encourage people to come with extra padding just in case there isn't enough for everyone.

Cost: $25

We have sold out of tickets for this event.  Please stay tuned for future dates.  

*** Cancelations made the day of the event will not be refunded.


Members of Dream Seed are active organizers of the Golden Drum and the Sacred Arts Research Foundation communities. They are students of Maestro Manuel Rufino, a recognized Taino elder, spiritual guide and ceremonial leader. With his blessing, Dream Seed was created as a vehicle with which to share the music of sacred traditions of the world.

Their affiliations include Made in Prayer, Pink Sun, Brooklyn Light, Jungle Cafe and Didge Project.

They have spent over 7 years in a deep study in Brooklyn, NY cultivating their art, music and programs through their practices and disciplines.