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Breathwork Ceremony

  • Golden Drum 97 Green Street, G1 Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

As radiant beings, we are made of energy. We glow with light, emitting a subtle frequency. We often go about our day to day unaware of our energy, unknowingly picking up the vibrations and projections of the world around us. When disconnected from our source energy, feelings of uneasiness can arise. Breathwork is an active meditation used to move stagnant energy and release blockages, allowing us to connect deeply with our own source vibration.

Breathing is one of our most basic and essential activities. The practice of deep, conscious breathing can aid in cleansing the mind and body of toxic build-up, allowing us to tap into our intuitive intelligence. By accessing the subconscious, the breath opens the channel to our high self, enriching our true spiritual nature while promoting feelings of joy, creativity, and overall well-being.

In the ceremony, we’ll begin with a heart expanding meditation to awaken our inner healer. We will use our breath as an experiential tool for self-exploration and healing by accessing surreal states of consciousness. With the use of essential oils and sacred herbs, I will hold space as you journey inward, channeling healing Reiki with a gentle touch.

Allow the thinking mind and mental chatter to dissolve as you explore the unknown set of a cosmically curated soundtrack. We’ll close with simple restorative movement and mantra to bring you home to the seat of the soul.

In preparation for breathwork, fasting for at least 2-3 hours before the session is recommended. Please wear comfortable clothing. Journals are strongly encouraged!


Siedeh Foxie is a Brooklyn based intuitive practicing shamanic healing through ancient traditions. Accessing a blend of energy modalities including breathwork, healing touch, sound vibration, and plant medicine, Siedeh holds space that allows connection to our inner wisdom; thereby gaining insight and clarity to empower profound shifts. Through studies of the Eastern principles of spirituality, with her roots in shamanism from South America, she believes that we all possess the unique abilities to heal ourselves, others and ultimately the world at large. She believes we are all intuitive beings equipped with the necessary tools we need to clear blockage, release trauma, balance energy, and restore harmony to fulfill our soul potential. 

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