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How to Work With Our Defects: Videoconference with Maestro Domingo Dias Porta


How to Work With Our Defects / Como Trabajar Los Defectos

Videoconference with Maestro Domingo Dias Porta / Videoconferencia con el Maestro Domingo Dias Porta

Saturday, June 22, 10-11am EST / Sábado, 22 de Junio, 10-11am EST

Meditation is one of the keys to identifying our defects and damaging habits. Once identified, we can then work with these “taras” by confronting and controlling our reactions to daily situations. / La meditación es uno de los claves para identificar nuestros defectos y hábitos perjudiciales. Una vez identificados, podemos trabajar con estas “taras” por confrontando y controlando nuestras reacciones a las situaciones diarias.

Join Maestro Domingo Dias Porta in this live videoconference streaming from New York. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Maestro Domingo. This talk will be recorded and participants who cannot attend at the time of the event can still access the video using the same donation link below. / Los invitamos a este videoconferencia con el Maestro Domingo Dias Porta transmitiendo en vivo desde Nueva York. Esta charla será grabado y los que no pueden asistir en vivo todavia pueden acceder al video usando el mismo link “DONATE” abajo. Participantes tendrán la oportunidad de hacer preguntas directamente al Maestro.

This talk will be in Spanish with a live English translator. / Esta charla será en español con traducción en inglés.

Sign up using this link ($20 suggested donation) / Regístrense aqui ($20 USD donativo sugerido):



Maestro Domingo Dias Porta was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1930. Under his guidance, the Initiatic Sovereign Solar Order of Chichaan Itzaab (S.O.S.X.I.) has developed in different places in Venezuela, Mexico, the United States, Europe and Peru. He has founded and organized cultural and spiritual activities in almost all countries in the Americas, in 10 European countries, in Israel and in Morocco. He is the founder of the Association of the Solar American Indian (M.A.I.S.) Movement of Cultural Approach to the Autonomous Traditions and Peoples of the Continent. He is also the founder of “Acción por la Unidad Mundial” (A.U.M. - Action for Global Unity), a movement of International Cultural Integration to promote a culture of peace through dialogue of personal transformation, through exchange of knowledge, and joint participation in activities and programs (both on the individual and group level). Maestro Domingo is happily married to Maria Guadalupe Abundis de Dias.