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The Resonance Experience: Sound. Presence. Connection

  • Golden Drum 97 Green Street, G1 Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

Music taps into our brain’s tendency to find patterns. Our soundscapes are designed to bypass this zone, nudging the mind to let go and rest in the moment. Resonantsound is the soil in which the garden of music grows. Properly tilled and cultivated sound can bypass the predictive perception that most music engages in the brain.

In Resonance Ceremonies we gather as a community to co-create an “offering”
through an individual representing all of humanity. We close our eyes and bask in the deep listening that is called forth by the crystalline tones of quartz and the sensuous sound of clay. There is a grace and purity experienced within a collective deep listening. Together we offer a pause from the speed of our lives for experiencing a stillness inside motion. Come join us in a contemplative night of exploration, humor and paradox.

Suggested donation: $20; no one will be turned away for lack of funds.



Alan Tower

Founder of the Bay Area social profit Green Music Network 501c3, with a career as a performer producing 14 albums of original music, Tower now works with a team of experience designers, architects and business leaders in bringing forward the innate power of acoustic sound for human expansion and recalibration. His team designs and builds resonance instruments that act as sonic forces of nature for harmonizing relationships; with ourself, others and the world. Current projects include installing Gardens of Sound in California and the Netherlands, developing group experience protocols for populations in need, and designing three dimensional audio for bringing these pure acoustics into the digital realm.

Ryan Hurtgen

Ryan is a musician, composer and sound practitioner with a passion for serving humanity. A founding member of The Resonance Experience, he develops sound tools for impactful aural therapeutics. These have proven effective in reducing stress and the effects of trauma, as well as providing a window for self discovery through experiential acoustics. He has served at the California Rehabilitation Center- Maximum Security Prison, providing sound experiences for inmates and correctional officers. He is interested in how this work might benefit VA hospital programs and Vets suffering from PTSD.

Orlando Villarraga

Orlando is a cofounder of The Resonance Experience where his focus is on using sound, and the environments it creates, as a tool for aiding people in exploring awareness. Due to his deep connection with the Teyuna indigenous tribes of Colombia, he has been investigating sound and its ability to be a perspective shifter. He has been invited to speak at many events on sound and its relation to self awareness such as NYU’s Love Class,The Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference, and the SAND youth group. He is interested in further investigating the relationships between tones and human neurophysiology.