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Dream Seed: A Shamanic Sound Journey with Adam Maalouf

  • Golden Drum 97 Green St, Apt G1 Brooklyn, NY, 11222 USA (map)

Dream Seed is a sound healing experience created by members of Golden Drum, Pink Sun and Didge Project. Shamanic chanting, mantras, overtone singing, Native American songs, indigenous music, didgeridoos, crystal singing bowls, bells, gongs, harmoniums, tuning forks and other overtone-emitting instruments are used to create an environment conducive to deep relaxation and inward investigation. Participants are led through guided meditations and sound healing practices designed to harmonize body, mind and spirit. This special Dream Seed features Adam Maalouf

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$20 cash only at the door (no advance tickets)

About Adam Maalouf, Percussionist, Composer, Educator

Adam's musical journey began at the age of 3, and after experiencing a wide range of musical training that included a classical education on the piano and cello, his eyes were opened to the infinite world of percussion. Adam's first experience with hand drumming was on the Arabic Derbekke Drum (otherwise known as the Doumbek) during his childhood visits to Koura, Lebanon. Since then, he has performed in many of the world's finest concert halls and museums, international music festivals, yoga and dance studios, public schools, and homeless shelters.

After graduating from Eastman School of Music in 2013, where he was exposed to classical, jazz, contemporary, and a variety world music, Adam based his operations in one of the great musical hubs, NYC, to continue new projects and education. Adam has studied with some of the world's greatest percussionists including Glen Velez, Yogesh Samsi, Rohan Krishnamurthy, Michael Burritt and River Guerguerian just to name a few. 

"Far From Home" is Adam Maalouf's debut album as a solo artist, and through cello, hang drums and percussion from many musical styles of world, Adam weaves his performances carefully, taking the listener on an epic journey through the different stages of his musical creations. In his music you will hear influence from many of the world's musical traditions, mixing inspirations from the Middle East, Spain, North and South India, Africa, Cuba, Brazil and Appalachia. This approach has resulted in innovative collaborations with musicians from around the world.

As a collaborator, Adam has performed with countless ensembles and renowned musicians, including Pink Martini, Ensemble Signal, the National Arabic Orchestra, Farah Siraj, Galeet Dardashti, Jamey Haddad, Suzanne Sterling, Morley, Flames and Frequencies, Patriot Brass Ensemble, The Asheville Percussion Festival Ensemble, The Gil Evan's Centennial Project and with many other talented musicians and projects. 

In 2012, Adam co-created the Asheville Percussion Festival in North Carolina with teacher and mentor River Guerguerian. This is an annual event where top percussionists from around the world descend on the peaceful mountain city for one week in June. A week long collaboration between these artists results in weekend concerts and percussion workshops for all levels and ages. 

As an educator, Adam's work with children in NYC's bustling public school system has inspired him to spread his child-like love for rhythm. In February 2015, Adam spent 3 weeks in Scranton, Pennsylvania teaching eager 4th graders rhythm and percussion from around the world. At the end of the residency, Adam recorded the children performing their newly discovered music, produced a short EP of the compositions, and followed the residency with a performance for the community.

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