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Winter Solstice Extravaganza

  • Golden Drum 97 Green St. Apt G1 Brooklyn, NY, 11222 USA (map)

2pm - Opening
2:15pm - Traditional Hawaiian Ceremony, followed by Hawaiian chanting.
3:15pm - Delicious catering by Jungle Cafe.
4pm - Afro Brazilian Music and Dance
5pm - Closing

Celebrating The Winter Solstice the Hawaiian Way!

The Makahiki is a form of the "first fruits" festivals common to many cultures. Makahiki season is a four-month period of the year, beginning with the first sighting on the horizon of the Makali`i, or the constellation Pleiades, in late October or early November. When the winter solstice or Ke Ao Polohiwa a Kanaloa transpires on December 21st, it is the middle of Makahiki season, approximately six and a half weeks after the rising of the Makali`i. We acknowledge the sun's farthest journey into the underworld or the realm of Kanaloa. We also gather to celebrate Makahiki, the season of gratitude.

Featuring a very special guest who will lead us through a percussive and uplifting set of call and response chants and beautiful Afro-Brazilian songs.

$20 Admission

Incredible vegan food available for purchase by Jungle Cafe

*Financial scholarships available. Please contact 


Kris Kato

Kris Kato is a Hawaiian chant practitioner who has achieved the title, Kahu Oli Lae O`o, having completed the `uniki rites of the Edith Kanaka`ole Foundation under the direction of Dr. Pualani Kanaka`ole Kanahele. In Fall 2015, his apprenticeship with Dr Pualani Kanaka`ole Kanahele culminated with a presentation of Pagan Pride III and the Hawaiian oratory arts at the National Opera Center in New York City. Kris is the founder and leader of Hui O Kaulana Mahina NYC, a New Moon men's group for Hawai`i expats living in New York City. Kris has practiced leading traditional `awa ceremony in New York City for Hawai`i's hidden national holiday La Hoihoi Ea. Kris has danced and performed for Hui O Na Lehua Melemele in New York City. In the early 2000s, Kris participated in  Makali`i ceremonies on the island of Kaho`olawe under the auspices of the Protect Kaho`olawe `Ohana. Kris received his Hawaiian Studies degree from the I Ola Haloa Center for Hawai`i Life Styles in Hilo, Hawai`i. As a high school art student, Kris lead cultural preservation and historic restoration efforts for ancient sites on campus, Kauiomanoa and Wailele Spring. Born and raised in Hawai`i, Kris spent his childhood with legendary figures in the Hawaiian music scene through his producer father Nick Kato. Kris continues his Hawaiian chant practice in New York City.