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Welcome the Inner Beloved - Creative Writing, Art & Asana Workshop

  • Golden Drum 97 Green St Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

Our capacity to evolve relies upon our willingness to see our shadow, learn tools to calm the mind and allow our true nature to emerge from the heart. Our heart holds the keys to forgiveness for self and others, knows our unique gifts and is the gateway to the Soul's intent. The heart is a thinking organ like the brain, yet unlike the brain it's message is not conveyed in web of thoughts.  The heart requires stillness and conscious inquiry to communicate. Messages can come in the form of a quiet inner voice, via our writing, mental pictures inside the minds eye or an inner-knowing.  The heart always communicates with kindness, as it embodies our higher nature - it is the voice of whom we are becoming.

In this workshop we will gather in a safe to and sacred manner, connect with the inner Beloved and access our power for self-healing and transformation. In guided mediation we will release mental and energetic blockages that are ready to be cleared. We will enter the stillness with the intent to listen to the wisdom and intent of the heart. We open up the body through a series of movements designed integrate the intentions of the heart chakra. We will allow the Inner Beloved to be awakened into consciousness. We will explore creative writing and art making and create a significant work to honor our new agreements of self-love in manner rooted in ceremony and celebration!

Cost: $40 - please bring a notebook all other materials are included

Elizabeth Traina is a working artist, award winning muralist, life-coach and energy healer. She has lived and contributed to programs in the San Francisco Bay Area, New Orleans and Brooklyn. Early in Elizabeth's career she rooted in a civic-engaged public practice, utilizing art as a vehicle to support movements for social change. As an art-educator and community leader, Elizabeth's curriculum and facilitation is grounded in the belief that all people are inherently creative - to be an artist is to discover, cultivate and share your unique gifts with yourself and others. This core-value is a cornerstone of her work; communicated throughout her community oriented public art projects, art workshops and trainings to hundreds of participants nation wide. In addition to her formal art training in New York, Vermont and Italy, over the past fifteen years, Elizabeth has worked closely with master healers, attended various workshop and trainings in the healing arts. This commitment to education and self-betterment has informed and seasoned her natural talents and integrated into her community based endeavors, current private healing practice and personal art making. In 2011 Elizabeth returned home to NYC and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where she provides consulting and facilitation for education and community-based programs. Elizabeth also has a private practice, engaging clients and groups an integrated life-coach and energy healer. In addition, Elizabeth maintains an active studio practice where she explores themes relative personal and collective spiritual awaking. She creates paintings and installation artwork as an instrument for discovery and renewal.